“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul”

About us

It’s known to most of us that some commercial farmers use chemical pesticides sprays on fruit and vegetable produce, and with the scare of salmonella, e-coli, listeria, and parasites, to name a few, making their way into the foods we buy from the grocery stores or eat in restaurants, it’s no wonder the number of food recalls that we’ve heard about in recent years are on the rise. JamaicaMe Grow Organic Landscape and Garden Supply believes that growing food organically in our own backyards are not only healthier, but it also enriches our lives and protects the environment. I want to provide my customers with the highest quality of natural organic garden products for better tasting, more nutritious foods that leaves a lower carbon footprint. I strive to teach and show homeowners and all the green thumbs here on the Treasure Coast in Florida, that starting an organic program is not just limited to the vegetable garden but also in the landscape as well. JamaicaMe Grow Organic is devoted to gain a leadership role in the natural organic marketplace. By incorporating and maintaining a natural organic program in your garden and landscape, we may reduce the amount of chemical runoff that makes its way into our waterways, lakes, river and yes, even our beaches. Going organic is a natural resource we can use from the earth and return it back to the environment… naturally!
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